Winter Skincare Routine

I am the happiest I’ve ever felt in my skin.

Damn does it feel so good to say that, and it’s about time too! This year, I’ve been making my ritual a priority. I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin has completely transformed since the beginning of quarantine. What I’ve learned is: no matter how great your products are, being patient and consistent with your skin is key. My current AM + PM skin care regimen kicks winter’s butt, and leaves me feeling freshly hydrated and nourished. Stick to the routine, and you will reap the benefits boo.

AM Skin

1. Wash with Moisturizing Cream Cleanser

2. Tone with Clarifying Skin

3. Apply Vitamin C Super Serum

-Every other day I follow with Barrier Serum

4. Moisturize with Priming Moisturizer Rich

5. Sunscreen Pure Block


Vitamin C Super Serum— visibly fades and smooths my skin. Leaves behind a subtle glow and protects my skin from future damage.

Priming Moisturizer— deeply nourishes my skin so it’s never dry this winter. love the smell and so silky rich.

PM Skin

1. Wash with Double AHA Cleanser

2. Tone with Soothing Mist

3. Apply Oxidated Retinol

4. Apply Like Butter on dry patches

5. Moisturize with cloud hyaluronic and niacinamide cream


Double AHA Aloe Cleanser—my favorite wash ever because I can visibly see the difference after just one wash. I can’t live with out this cleanser.

Oxidated Retinol—the absolute best retinol on the market. I am still in awe of how gentle, yet powerful this retinol is. Transformed my skin and cleared my acne!

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