A better multi-vitamin. Just what your body needs—without all the extra.


I talk all the time about getting your greens. Greens keep you healthy, and it all starts from within. Last year, I introduced daily supplementing into my regimen and it has drastically improved my overall mood/ productivity. I started taking gummies (ok leave me alone), and wanted to transition to capsules to cut excess sugar from said gummies. But for some reason, finding a multi I could trust somehow became incredibly difficult! Things get super confusing when you’re in the drug aisle and there’s twenty different multivitamins starting at you… and they have different ingredients… ??? Make it make sense.

Wholier’s Multi is KALE approved 10x over. The badass capsules have a light citrus taste that’s barely there. And I have no issues with it after. The nutrients are sourced in the most bioavailable forms, so they effectively absorb and I am left with sustained energy and clarity. This daily vitamin also supports ur immunity and metabolism—learn more about Wholier below!

Packaged in a glass jar and refills come in a compostable pack!

A Better Multi-Vitamin

The science-based wellness brand makes plant powered multi. Their ingredients are whole-food sourced (chickpeas, micro algae, sprouted quinoa) so there’s no room for mystery. Just what your body needs—without all the extra. Transparent and whole. That’s literally all I can ask for in a man, and yet Wholier beat em to it! Well of course, they’re woman owned. :)

No synthetic fillers or colors. No carrageenan. Non gmo.

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