What’s In My Bag?

Is anyone else’s bag like 80% lip products? I feel like I can’t be the only one obsessed with just a bunch of lip balm stuff. Even if I look like a complete bum that day, lips are hydrated. I road tripped to Colorado this past week for Aliza’s birthday and brought the essentials. This is what Kale’s currently carrying~

Kyle’s Current Lip Favorites

@caracara my everyday work bag.

1. Pacifica Vegan Care Balm, $8

This lip balm is BOMB—let me tell you why. The texture is almost gel-like. Soft yet holds, and melts upon contact. I think it’s the perfect texture. Smoothes, hydrates and the scent is…. I gravitate towards neutral/mint scents but the peach is stunning. With subtle shine + shimmer, their balm can even be applied on eyelids/cheeks for a soft glow. Decent sized tube and officially a kale all-time favorite.

2. Peach Slices Jelly Bounce, $6

This is my everyday lip balm and I’ve repurchased it at least 3 times. Ceramides strengthens + nourishes while collagen subtly plumps. Soft jelly formula provides lasting hydration, leaving a glossy sheen that’s really nice on my lips. The mint is my everyday and can be applied over lip tints for a naturally fuller looking lips!

3. ColourPop Lip Tint, $8

I’m all about a 5 minute face. a crayon that is fun + easily glides. formula is smooth, hydrating, delivering a perfectly sheer tint of colour. I line my lips with this all the time, and it brightens my entire face, while looking natural. Top tint with balm/gloss for a really pretty + juicy lip. Did I mention they’re vegan and cruelty-free?? The collection comes in a lot of different shades— I have Rise N Shine which is a peachy coral. Really am am a fan when I need just a tint♡

4. Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream, $15

A treat yourself item that became a lovely essential while traveling in Colorado. I pamper myself with this lip cream. It’s a luxurious lip conditioner that replenishes, and deeply hydrates for instantly soft lips. The cream felt strange upon application because I’m used to balms, but I enjoy using this when I really need softening. It’s non-greasy, absorbs quick, and sits beautifully under any lip color/tint/gloss. Adore the citrusy/ floral scent and I think its really cute as a gift.

Pacifica’s Lip Balms are packaged in 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic.

A Quick Rave about Pacifica...

Vanilla Sheer + Cucumber Extract
Peach Shimmer + Jojoba Oil*
Rose Shimmer + Rose Hip Oil*
Coconut Sheer + Probiotics
Cherry Shimmer + Peptides

*Pictured above.

This is me raving about the Pacifica Vegan Care Balm, y'all you heard it here first!! No question that this outshines the Glossier balm. I also have the rose, which smells like juicy Asian strawberries (iykyk). It’s a deeper red and is beaut. Pacifica has my heart because they continuously produce quality products that are affordable. Vegan formulas are difficult to execute well, but theirs are superb. Officially a KALE all-time favorite. To learn more about Pacifica, click here.

Let me know if you have similar favorites and your thoughts!!! We can enable each other because why not. ♡

get ya greens, xx,

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