Ruiz Salon

This was the first time I let someone else touch my hair… let alone color and cut it. You bet I was nerrrrrrvoussss.

Ruiz Salon︎︎︎

Seaholm Location
211 Walter Seaholm Dr, Ste. 130
Austin, TX 78701

Colorist: Dalton
@mdc _twenty_3︎︎︎

Stylist: Steven

To start,I was incredibly surprised at how much I didn’t know I needed this.

The Ruiz experience was pure bliss. My neck… looser than ever. My anxiety? Out the window. I was so relaxed I… literally melted into my chair lol. It was my kinda people— the ones that pay attention to the little things. I wanted to stay there all day.

Color + cut aside (which you will see below they did a killer job) the team did an amazing job at following protocol to keep everyone safe. Seats were spaced out and everything was sanitized regularly. It made me slightly uncomfortable at first, because I felt so… taken care of. It was a new type of hospitality I was unfamiliar with, but could definitely get used to. Let me just say I felt like a fucking princess and it wasn’t even my bday…

My hair had lost a lot of integrity over the year due to bleach, so I was very afraid of another round of lightening (literally in January my hair was falling out). The Ruiz team did a Zoom consultation with me, and quickly reassured me of the steps they take to keep my hair healthy. I got to know my hairstylist and we really vibed lol. Took like 10 minutes—and I did it all in bed lol. More importantly I trusted this man! And I was soo excited to get my hair done.


I came in with a very warm blonde tone with overgrown roots. My colorist Dalton did a root touch-up, freaking a beautiful balayage, and toned my hair into this silky ashy platinum… yeah I’m obsessed— he’s sooo talented.

I have to say I have never used bleach that felt this gentle on my skin and scalp. Dalton had told me they use AVEDA products only, and the lightener was packed with conditioning ingredients. OK work. Itchiness? Feeling uncomfy? I don’t know her.

Check out Dalton’s insta here @mdc _twenty_3


I came back the next day to get my cut by Steven. I couldn’t find the picture of the exact cut I wanted… but a few minutes later he pulled up THE PERFECT cut on Pinterest. The entire team was really cool and I felt like I could just be myself. I told him I wanted a mullet style, but I didn’t want to shave my sides too short. He freaking killed this cut— thank you for this new era Steven (@stevenraycutz) Please go see him at Ruiz, he is seriously such talent.

After such a draining year, this was exactly what I needed. I feel like a brand new person, lol what’s fucking new! I love change.


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