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We all have an underwear story, and for the longest time, I was insecure with others seeing me in my underwear. I didn’t feel “sexy” enough, nor did I feel confident enough. Growing up, the type of ‘sexy’ displayed in the media and online didn’t look like me, and they still don’t. Parade and I want you to know that sexiness isn’t one dimensional. It is a feeling, it is a voice, and it is universal. Thank you for that reminder. ♡

Y’all know how much I love browns/neutrals, but I’ve been LIVING in color all quarantine. Yeah, by myself and for myself, bc it makes me happy. When I get out of the shower, I genuinely get excited to try on a new color/style. See my favs Parade undies below and more on the brand. 

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Brief in Slime.

Brief in Juice.

Brief in Juice.

About Parade

Underwear can be reductive and exclusive. Parade rewrites that tired, American narrative in full technicolor. Launched in October 2019, my friends at parade have been seeking new definitions for undies— which they believe is the connective tissue between body and self expression.

Parade is between you and the moment, and putting on undies that are just as cool/fun as you can help spark that magic. Keep reading for my work with Parade and how this new brand is changing the world.

The fabric isn’t like cotton, it’s almost silk-like yet incredibly strong. I’ve never owned underwear in this fabric and love how lightweight + supersoft it is. That barely-there feeling. ☺︎

Parade has undies in a couple of styles: Thong, Brief, Cheeky, and Boyshort but in a ton of fun colors.

For everyday: The Brief is my fav. It is so comfortable all day long and for the boys — this one has the most coverage down there. ;) Lol.

For funsies: The Cheeky really makes my flat ass a fat ass. Read that again.

Brand Highlights

Brief in Slime.

Brief in Slime.


From lil booties to big booties. XS to 3X. All sizes. All identities. Parade posts + includes models from all walks of life, which is extremely important for visibility + representation. Just go on their website/ Instagram to see all the beauty. ♡

Cheeky High Rise in Color Block.
I got bit by a mosquito, but me in Cheeky High Rise in Color Block.


Always taking part in the Parade: this means caring about what is happening now. What the community cares about. And what they are going to change/do about it. Our world is supersized, saturated, colorful, and Parade wants you to know that they understand this.

During #blacklivesmatter, Parade reached out to me offering funds for supplies, gear, food, etc so that I could protest safety. They devoted time to educating themselves and immediately implemented plans to fight racial inequality. They donated to bailout funds. Parade cares and they really dont fck around! They put their money where their mouth is and continue doing so. Read more on their site on how they are uplifting communities here.

Their waistband—Freestretch is sports inspired. Stretchy, high performing comfort for lounging or working out. Developed by ex-Lululemon experts.


Healthcare accessibility is just as important as self-expression to Parade.

1% of all profits go to Planned Parenthood.

They’ve donated and worked with Yellowhammer Funds to promote the sexual education of women and men in America.

Brief in Balloon.
Process on how Re:Play is made/Parade


Parade recognizes their responsibility in a better planet. They believe in a safer, greener future, and that the right choice should always be the fun one.

Parade’s core fabric, Re:Play, is made of 85% recycled polyamide and all materials are Oeko-Tex certified (free from harmful chemicals that pollute your skin and our waters).

When you feel Parade, you’re feeling soft, breathable, and recycled fabrics that are good for your body + the environment. Their fabric, Re:Play is incredibly is adaptive and supports just where you need it. ;)

@alizatea in Thong in Spritz. Me in Brief in Slime.

@sarah.teng in High Rise Cheeky Mesh in Checkerboard. Me in Cheeky High Rise in Colorblock.

Cheeky High Rise in Colorblock.
Thong in Sprinkle.


To Cami, Auri, and the Parade team + community: y’all are so fucking awesome. Parade is continuously inspiring, and y’all have made me feel confident in ways I can’t express. So grateful to be apart of such a warm, full, and beautiful community. ♡♡♡

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