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July 23, 2022

Our vey last POP-UP in Austin embodied the essence of all things KALE. Aliza and I were brimming with joy (while running around like crazy) hosting this garage sale-esque market. ︎ Curation consisted of our local favorites, old clothes, flash tattoos, vintage, home goods, plants, and art!  As always, we invited close friends, artists, and vendors that have been with us since day one. When they thrive, kale thrives. These folks are the foundation austin’s community, keep em green and support them below ︎

@kinshipmilktea brewed up the most delicious oat milk tea I’ve ever had, thank you for making this event extra special. As you may know, Aliza and I are both Vietnamese, and we make it a point to share a bit of our culture at every KALE market. The stars  aligned, and we’re beyond grateful to have connected with genuinely the sweetest crew ever. Caitlin, the founder of Kinship, was out of town at the time, but her team took THE best care of us. I beg you to check out their amazing milk tea that is taking over Austin by storm. Sending smooches to Kinship here ︎︎︎

Finally.... (tears*) Austin, thank you for giving me a home for 8 amazing years, and for letting me love you. I think about who I was during my first year in Austin often. Living at university estates with a pregnant roomate and crazy randos (if you know you know), not knowing a single soul and feeling incredibly lonely. I have grown immensely into a person I’m proud of, happy in. I have an abundance of things I’ve never thought I could ever have. I’ve achieved more than what I could’ve imagined. I’ve explored every nook and cranny of every corner and lake, as well as my mind, body and soul. Truly, Austin was my fantasy, and I’m leaving with feelings of bliss and fulfilment. I’m sending love to every single person that has supported my journey and extended tenderness when kale was lost. You guys (my community) will always be my rock, my roots. It’s bittersweet, but I’m grateful to leave pieces of me throughout Austin. KALE will forever remain and linger, through many memories and faces. Thank you for letting me be me Austin. Now it’s time to fly. 

kale kafé

from our table to yours


︎︎︎ your choice of early grey or wuyi oolong milk tea + fruit jelly or lychee


@plantcrush vegan* viet bites

︎︎︎ lemongrass seitan banh mi crostinis
︎︎︎ cold sesame noods with 5 spice peanut sauce
︎︎︎ goi viet slaw with citrus vinaigrette and shrimp crisps
︎︎︎ pandan and ube thach succulent jello

Thank you @waterloosparkling for sending us a few cases to keep us quenched!

community greens

friends and favorites 4 the finale

@6punked / 70s and Y2K vintage 

@sarahhakalamademe / handbead accessories artist

@litos_playgound / acrylic on canvas artist

@jesusofflne / community closet

@kenahjonel / community closet

@kayleenomnom / hello kitty flash tattoos
having this cutie babe was a full! circle! moment! Kaylee gave me my first ever tattoo and it also happens to be the word KALE (I know lol). Kaylee, thank you for being here since like 2nd grade, this just made sense ~ check out the hello kitty flash sheet ︎︎︎

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