This savory and succulent sidepiece is going to need a strong companion, and even then she still might be the main attraction ;)

I made some crispy garlic tofu and rice to accompany my kale, and let me tell you... WE ATE. No bitterness here, all flavor. 


︎ Not all KALE are made equal... and lacinato/ dino kale specifically works best here vs curly/red kale! Lacinato kale is more tender, making it a great candidate for raw and shortly cooked dishes (like this one!) 

︎ Make sure to thoroughly cook your kale otherwise it will be toothsome. I gravitate towards thinner kale stems! 

︎ For that beautiful glossy sheen, add a little oil to your blanching water.


Yields 2 servings

1    bunch lacinato kale*

2    tbsp oyster sauce

1    tbsp soy sauce 

1    tsp chili oil crisps

2    tbsp minced garlic 
black + white pepper

*homegrown produce @goodapple

1. In a large pot or wok, boil some water. Meanwhile, wash kale and trim off the ends of the stalk.

2. Blanch your kale in the boiling water until it changes color into a deep dark green, about 1 minute. Remove and drain.

3. For the sauce, mix chili oil, oyster sauce, and soy sauce in a small bowl and set aside. 
4. In a wok or large pan on medium high heat, add some oil and minced garlic. Sauté untill lightly browned and add in your kale, stir fry for 30 seconds. 

5. Lower the heat and add in your sauce mixture. Season with black and white pepper.

6. Toss kale until evenly coated and sauce is just a bit thickened. Turn off and remove from heat.

7. Garnish with fried garlic crisp and serve immediately!

Make this recipe and earn 5 Kale Koins to redeem in our Kiosk :) 

Eat me up n get ya greens!


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