A tropical island escape right where you are.

If there is anything you need in this summer heat, it's this bowl. It's light, refreshing, tropical, and BLUE... do I need to say more?

This recipe is inspired by a bowl that I had on Venice beach. At first glance, I knew I had to recreate this beauty. Obviously, I was intrigued by its magical color and totally instagrammable properties, but I really fell in love when I found out it was all natural! Every time I post this bowl on my Insta story, someone always asks me where it's from! People even ask if I'm on vacation which makes me laugh, but that is the perfect way to describe this bowl. Need a tropical island getaway? This is it.

What is Blue Majik?

Blue majik is derived from spirulina, an organic extract from blue-green algae. This superfood is currently one of the biggest health trends not only because of its beautiful color, but because it's a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Blue Majik is prized for being nutrient dense; full of vitamins (especially B12), enzymes, and minerals.

Where can I get Blue Majik?

I buy my blue majik off of amazon and the brand is E3 Live. It comes in a little bottle and is a deep blue powder. Since it is algae, the smell is rather unpleasant. I was very skeptical in putting something fishy into my smoothie bowl, but when blended with fruit, blue majik's smell and taste is easy to mask. I swear you can't tell !The small bottle is around $50 ( I know....) so this is definitely not something I would just blindly invest in! I put off buying it for months and definitely understand if it's too expensive. If you want to splurge and make pretty bowls then go for it!!! 


︎ Homemade. Granola. It is the easiest thing and you won't ever go back, I promise. It's so good my roommate keeps a bag of my granola near his bed to snack on... Here's my recipe. 


Yields 2 small bowls

1     large frozen banana 
8    frozen pineapple chunks
6    frozen mango chunks
1/3 cup coco water
1     scoop blue majik 
-Opt:  1 tsp honey

toppings of your choice!

Local fruit @goodapplefoods
Brioche bread @traderjoes

1. Add everything in a blender and blend on high until thick and smooth. If you do not have a Vitamix or commerical blender, try slicing your frozen bananas into thin slices before throwing them in the blender! This helps your blender and results in a smoother consistency! 
2. I love to top my bowls with homemade honey granola (I'll post the recipe for this soon for y'all!), coconut shreds, whatever fruit I have available, chia seeds, toasted mulberries, cacao nibs, etc! Enjoy!

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