A cool oasis in the hot desert. The world's largest spring-fed swimming pool is in Texas?

When I found this hidden gem, you bet your booty I screamed! Is this really in Texas? Crystal clear waters smack dab in the middle of a dessert? It all sounded too good to be true. Too good to be in Texas. But it's real y'all, and it's incredible.

Balmorhea is one of the most serene, beautiful, and coolest places I have ever been to. The tiny town is located between mountains. You can relax and picnic under the trees, swim with fishes in crystal clear spring water, and even scuba dive down this 30 ft deep oasis. Yes, I said fishes, and yes, I said scuba dive.  It's something I can't put into words; you'll have to go experience it yourself. No really, your eyes deserve to see it.

The Road Trip

When I planned a road trip from Austin to Marfa and Big Bend National Park, I wanted to make the most of my trip and hit all the stops that west Texas had to offer. I stumbled upon the largest spring fed pool in the world, and thought this is the perfect stop during our trip. The town is only an hour north of Marfa and was a perfect stop to cool down in between Marfa and Big Bend. The water wasn't too cold (at around 75 degrees) and felt amazing under the hot sun. My best friends and I got to really relax before hiking Big Bend National Park!

All 1.3 Acres to Ourselves

Most places this pretty in Texas and elsewhere in the world have become tourist hotspots. There is something so pure and raw about Balmorhea because as you can see, not many people know about it. The swimming hole sancturary is well preserved and you get to have the entire place to yourself. All 3.5 million gallons of natural spring water just for you—are you convinced yet?

The pool is open daily and you only have to pay a fee to park. So what are you waiting for? Grab your best friends and start driving!

Let’s Go to West Texas

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Let me know if you're planning to take a trip here and/or if you have any questions in the comments below! If you've already been here, what did you think? :)


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