KALE is a wellness brand that flourishes on the basis of community, striving for wholehearted—mutual connection wherever we grow. To be blunt, we vivaciously plant the seed—and water it too.
In 2018, I started KALE to share recipes with the besties! We’ve grown a lot since… and now we’re bringing people together in a new way—our one-stop, sustainable supershop

Don’t worry—we’re still rooted in cooking, sharing culture and good food. There’s plenty on the table so come eat, shop, and stay awhile

Get your greens xx

Kyle Hoang

Our Greens



Built by you— for you. The most talented and beautiful individuals are found right here in our neighborhood… and we all need a little light to grow.

Our upcoming community page will feature small businesses, and local artists to support and mindfully supershop. Every dollar goes right back into uplifting local economies. At the end of the day, we couldn’t have fostered this growth without you, we need each other. Welcomefruit and flower for everyone.


We encourage holistic practice— because health on the outside isn’t always reflective of health on the inside. It’s the way you take care of your mind and body. Your style, your ritual, what keeps you whole and good—like taking your vitamins, or lending a hand to your neighbor.

Being well isn’t a state, but an ongoing personal journey. Eat cake, get sunlight, and do what makes you f*cking happy, because we’re only super when we feel our best—inside and out. 



You’re you. And that’s why we like you. Completely unique, and sexy too! You’re queer, you’re totally straight, bro, or a little in between. Whatever your truth is, we say f*cking live it (just don’t bother anyone else)! You can’t be your super self unless you show up as you—Every. Single. Day. ☺︎


Planting the seed isn’t enough. At KALE, we consciously live and breathe green. We’re far from perfect, but we try our best to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It’s choosing to give our planet some tlc (tender love & care) in everyday decisions—no matter how big or small. The grass is a little greener because you watered it!

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For content, partnerships, brands, and PR, email us @ superkale.hoang@gmail.com

For supershop, community, and local events, email us @ kalesupershop@gmail.com

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